PEVA Food Storage Freezer Bag

Material: PE/EVA
Scope of application: Vegetable ,Fruit freezer bags, etc.
Product Thickness: 300μm
Surface: Frosted Surface
MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery method: Express / air / sea

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PEVA Food Storage Freezer Bag Description

PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, which belongs to environmental protection material, odorless, soft and smooth, and has a good feel. The amount of EVA content determines its feel and drape feeling. The higher the EVA content, the better and heavier the drape feeling. On the contrary, the harder and lighter and it has some elasticity.
PEVA is characterized by:
1. can be used for biodegradation; If it is not needed, whether it is discarded or burned, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and will not bring any harm to the environment.
2. In price, we all know that the cost of toxic PVC materials will be cheaper than PEVA materials, but the price of PVC materials that do not contain phthalates will be more expensive than PEVA materials.
3. The density of PEVA material is between 0.91 and 0.93, while the density of PVC material is 1.32, which is also an advantage of PEVA material, lighter weight.
4. PEVA material has no odor, unlike Ammonian or other organic smells.
5. PEVA material does not contain heavy metals, so it can be safely used. There have been international standards of this kind: EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963, and PEVA is in full compliance.
6, if the use of PEVA materials made of toys, can be assured to buy, will not harm the health of children, internal phthalates do not contain solvent, do not worry about plasticizer, so as to harm health.
7. PEVA material is widely used in life. It not only has high transparency, but also softness and toughness.
8. PEVA material can resist ultra-low temperatures, even at -70 degrees, and is suitable for storing in frozen environments.
9.PEVA materials can be used in most cases, not only water, salt, and a variety of substances.
10.PEVA material has high thermal adhesion, can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas and other cloth.
11. Low fitting temperature can be used to speed up production and make it more stable.
12. PEVA can also be used in more fancy products, such as screen printing, or offset printing, but on the premise that EVA ink must be used.

PEVA Food Storage Freezer Bag Features


Flat bottom
Can stand on the table to prevent the contents of the bag from being scattered


Self-sealing zipper
Self-sealing zipper bag can be re-sealable


More Designs
If you have more requirements and designs, you can contact us

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